April 22, 2010

What's the time Mr. Wolf?

Time to talk about games, in this article I will talk about a funny game I use with younger students in the playground. It's called What's the time Mr Wolf?, and it's the twin of our Spanish game 'Escondite inglés'; the similarity between both games implies children's knowledge and recognition, as well as, a significant relation between native children's games and their Spanish games. That relation is very important in the sense that students will feel confident because they can guess the rules of the game and play without the need of having a good level of English.

This game is very useful to practice numbers and to introduce the time in English. This video shows you how to play.

If you've got a big classroom you can prepare a place free of chairs and tables to play. The first time I taught the game I did it in the classroom, I prepared a wolf picture and a paper plate clock, and I stuck them on a wall, I played the role of the wolf and I moved the clock hands showing the time I called out, when I said dinnertime I did the gesture of being hungry and I chased them. They really enjoyed it and all of them were anxious for playing the wolf.

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