December 20, 2010

CLIL experiences: Art workshop in Culleredo

   The scribd document that comes next is the one I have used in order to present my materials in the Art workshop in Culleredo. The powerpoint is a too large file and that’s the reason why I had to convert it to pdf. As a pdf file it’s impossible to visualize the videos but I will upload them for you in the nearby future.

   Although the presentation didn’t work as expected due to technical problems, I hope you liked and you enjoyed the activities.

   You are welcome to write your opinion in my blog and any suggestions you can think of in order to improve it.

   I’m too busy right now, but as soon as I can I will post the activity about colours for the digital board (you will be able to download and use it) and some specific information about the different Art units, as well as the autumn videos.

Experiencias CLIL na materia de Plástica

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