May 19, 2011

I am a pizza

     'I am a pizza' is the title of a song I’ve recently discovered when teaching food. It’s a great song that allows you to exploit different ESL contents: food vocabulary, feelings and intonation, asking for a pizza (pizza menu), writing a recipe…

     The song and the pictures in the videoclip are really funny, my students love them and whenever they have the opportunity they ask me to play it, no need to say that they are singing it all the time. Although the song is rather long, it isn’t a disadvantage because ‘I am a pizza’ is a catchy song that sticks in your mind and you can’t stop singing it.

     I worked with this song in the first and second grades or Primary Education when we were dealing with a food teaching unit. I designed a digital activity for the SmartBoard aimed at pre-teaching the vocabulary in the song. In the video below you can watch the different screens with the different activities and games, if you like and you are interested in downloading it, you are free to do it, there’s a link below the video screen that allows you to open or download the file.

     As you can see in the video, although you can’t hear it, there are some activities with audios and listening games.

     I was going to adapt the activities for higher levels by adding some ordering activities, some pizza menus with prices to prepare dialogues, some drill activities to exploit some phrases in the song … but I ran out of time and I had to cover other curriculum contents that couldn’t be related to the song.

     Lastly, a good piece of news for those who like and teach other languages is that you can find the song in French and Spanish too.

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  1. Hello! I like your blog a lot and I'm interested in this song, "I am a pizza". Sadly, Youtube shows this video as private. Could you please make it public?
    Thank you :)