December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

     This year for the first time we have been working on this important American date. We have learnt about the Thanksgiving History through a video, we have learnt some vocabulary with an activity played on the interactive whiteboard, we have coloured some pictures, we have written our ‘thanks for’ and we have designed our own Pilgrim and Indians hats in the Art lessons.

     Teachers can realize the variety of possibilities this topic offers, most of the skills and different competences are innate to it and several subjects can be involved (History, Art, Religion, Citizenship, Language).

     The video below was the one we watched in the classroom to understand the Thanksgiving origins.

     We have played this game below on the interactive whiteboard in order to learn some vocabulary.

     Older students wrote some sentences following the pattern ‘I’m thankful for (my family, my cat, …).

     The next box shows some pictures with the Pilgrim and Indian hats.

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