November 30, 2009

Halloween & Art

As you can see in my profile, I teach Art through English and, in this article, I would like to talk about one of the topics I use with my Art students: Halloween.

This special date gives a wide range of possibilities to students of English to learn and practice the language. Halloween is a topic with an intrinsic motivation and as a teacher you can take advantage of it and use it in order to work on vocabulary, structures, rhymes, stories, intercultural aspects ... but, above all, Halloween is especially useful for Art lessons since it offers you the chance to decorate classrooms in the same way that English kids do at home to commemorate this date.

On the net it's possible to find lots of resources about Halloween with pictures for colouring and crafts with good explanations. You only have to bear in mind the contents you want to teach and look for the appropriate activity. Apart from the variety of Art contents in each of the activities, there is also a great variety of ESL contents you can introduce (related to the communicative competence as well as the sociocultural one).

Some examples of Art activities about this topic are: collages, posters, crafts, Origami, colouring, ...

In the next slideshare, I show you some of the things made by my students.

Some useful links are:

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