January 20, 2010

Last Christmas

Christmas is another important date in our subject calendar and a very interesting theme for CLIL projects. Every year, I prepare for my lessons some activities about this special date. In this post, I will show you the activities prepared for this year in my Arts&Crafts course.

Students from the third cycle of Primary have made a snowman paper chain. First, they prepared the paper chain folding a long white piece of paper in several pieces, then, using a template, they drew the snowman on the chain cover and they cut it. They unfolded the paper chain and they decorated the snowmen in the following way:

• Cotton in the body.
• Gomets as bottons.
• Blue Crepe Paper as scarves.
• Orange Paper for noses.
• Velvet for hats.

Then, we have also made some snowflakes; by cutting circles on a white piece of paper and folding them several times, students can obtain nice snowflakes, they only need to cut different shapes in the circle.

The main linguistic points involved in this activiy: the materials in English, the body, what the snowmen are wearing.

Students from the first cycle of Primary have made reindeer hats to wear at our Christmas festival. They have coloured and cut some Christmas pictures and a reindeer's head, they stick them on a green metallic cardboard and we used glitter to decorate it. At the slide, you'll see the result. The linguistic points at this activity are related to materials and, above all, vocabulary about Christmas (reindeer, sleigh, Santa...)

At the slide, there is a wide range of decorations for Christmas made by students and other teachers as well as those made by my pupils in Art and English lessons.

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