February 5, 2010

Give peace a chance

Schools usually commemorate Peace Day making different activities: workshops, outdoor games, readings and so on. As a compulsory activity in our curriculum we must deal with it in the best way so that our students can learn new contents in the second language.
From the ESL point of view, teachers can work with famous songs and singers that support the Peace idea. The songs about Peace I like the most are:

-Imagine (John Lennon)
-Peace on Earth (U2)
-Heal the world (Michael Jackson)
-Give peace a chance (John Lennon)
-USA for Africa- We are the world (Michael Jackson)

This year I designed an activity to do in the digital whiteboard with my older students based on the song Heal the world by Michael Jackson. I love this song and I chose it as a remembrance of one of the best composers in the world. To see the activity follow the link: http://tinyurl.com/yhjgt7s

 If you are interested in Peace facts, I will recommend you to use the activity Peace? Yes, please! with your students at the computer room. It was created with EdiLIM by a famous teacher in Galicia. Don't hesitate to visit her blog because she has got great ideas for the classroom.

Finally, you can work on Peace in the Art lessons, I let you here some ideas of projects in this subject:

-A dove cap
-A dove made of a white balloon
-A mosaic of doves
-Origami doves

It's possible to see some of them on the slide below.

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