March 3, 2010

Microsoft Paint in our lessons

I'm going to present you a new activity I've recently made in the English classroom. The main goal of the activity was to evaluate the use of there is/are and some/any in the written form.

If I tell you the truth, I'm really fed up with those structures, even if students know the rules to use them; when writing, they aren't able to apply the rules and so, their compositions are always full of mistakes and I get angry because I can't understand their mistakes.

As my older students had to review this grammar point, I decided to prepare a different activity, I asked them to draw a picture with Microsoft Paint on the computer and then, they should describe it using there is/are and some/any. Apart from the structures, they had the need to remember recycled vocabulary from other units and they had to be creative in order not to do similar drawings.

Here are the results. If you can't read the texts, it's possible to take a look at them on the Slide webpage.

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