February 25, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

Due to Carnival celebrations I hadn't got time to work on Saint Valentine and, in my opinion, this date represents a good chance to work on poems and creativity.

At the last minute and running I decided to do something on the topic with my older students since it would be the last year at school and I had never done anything about writing poems with them. First, we have worked on some vocabulary and then, we started with the poems, I gave them a pattern to follow and based on it they made up their own poems.

The pattern was a structure they have learnt in the first term to talk about TV programs and their likes so, at the same time, they were reviewing curriculum contents. The verbs they could use were like, love, hate... and they should take into account that after those verbs they could only write noun phrases or gerunds.

The result wasn't as good as I had expected but it's necessary to bear in mind that they invented them in a hurry and they couldn't improve them because of time.

Writing poems is a useful activity to teach grammar, teachers only have to take a pattern or a grammar point and give students a model to use. A good pattern for valentines is also the composition of an adjective plus a noun.

Here you have my students' poems.

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