March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Week

   This will be a flash post about St. Patrick’s Day, just to tell you my teaching experience at school.
   We have been working through this special date along the past whole week in the different subjects I teach: English, Art and even Science.
   The contents about this date for the different subjects are:
  • English: traditions, sociocultural aspects, Ireland as an English speaking country, vocabulary (leprechaun, shamrock…) …
  • Art: felt-tip pen colouring, combining colours, cutting and tracing, templates, using paints and paintbrushes…
  • Social Science: Irish traditions and geography.
   Students learnt some vocabulary related to this special date, they read some texts and answered some questions, and they played games.
   In the Art lessons, the higher-level students coloured a leprechaun poster and also cut some shamrocks in green cardboard paper in order to decorate the school. Students in lower levels coloured some leprechauns and some pots of gold, and they made a leprechaun face from a paper plate.
   You can download in the link below a file with the worksheets on St. Patrick’s Day that I used in the classroom.

   On March 17th, students wore green clothes and other stuff in order to commemorate the famous Irish date. I uploaded a video with some photos.

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