April 29, 2011

ESL in Moodle

In this post I want to apologize for not writing as many posts as I would like, I’m quite busy at the moment and it’s very difficult to publish something because of all the work that is behind (writing the post, preparing the pictures, making videos and presentations, uploading files…), the problem is that I have many things to tell you and many posts stored in my mind and no time to make them real.

Future posts I hope to write are: 
  • Easter
  • Past Carnival
  • The very hungry caterpillar
  • Oliver’s vegetables
  • I am a pizza
Let’s see if you can read them before the school year finishes. I will try my best.

The reason why I’ve been so busy to write is that I ‘was and am’ working in Moodle. I created two virtual ESL courses aimed at the older students (10-12 years old), the courses are based in the teaching program I have for those levels and in the coursebook I use, but they can be used with other teaching programs because the contents that most of the teachers deal with in those levels are more or less the same.

I'm embedding a presentation about Moodle for those teachers who haven't heard of it.

My virtual courses allow students to review, practice and study the contents they have seen in the classroom with me, apart from improving their listening, reading and writing skills, as well as their digital competence, so important at the moment.

Along the units I provide students with all kinds of exercises, activities and explanations. They have listening quizzes, cultural videos, grammar explanations and exercises, writing tasks, vocabulary practice, texts … a great variety of opportunities to improve and practice the language.

You can find different kinds of files, Powerpoints, Flash, PDF, Word, html… and you can find activities designed with Hotpotatoes, Quizfaber, JClic and online tasks. As you can check Moodle is a very interesting tool where you can compile lots of different files and activities.

I made some screenshots to show you some of them but I invite you to take a look at it on the next link, you have the possibility to enter as a guest in the two English courses.

View more presentations from isabelbp.

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